Mass Effect Omni Tool just Template

Mass Effect Omni Tool just Template

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Omni-blade templates for plastic


This is not a finished product. This is vector templates for Omni-tool or Omni-blade from Mass Effect in my design.
Create your own Omni-tool!
Please note: this is not a finished model, only templates.
Templates designed for cutting colored acrylic (or any other plastic materials) from 3mm and thicker. I cut my own from 3mm orange acrylic.
I recommend engraving and cutting with a mill or laser.
You need a heatgun or a kitchen oven to shape it.
Check out the YouTube video “how to bend acrylic” (or your plastic).
Be careful with heat!
The archive contains vector images in popular formats (dxf, svg, cdr, ai) as well as pdf. Some photos and explanations are also included.
Version 1.3 – Omni-tool stand template added to archive.
Version 1.4 – Made minor bugs fix, add 2 version of main body, mirrored blade for right and left arms, mirror part with text to engrave from outher insde out (for smooth face surface),
Version 1.5 – Add tool part with “Jane Shepard” text. So it has M/F option of name now

Possible local taxes in your region are not included.

If you have questions, please contact me. I’ll update Instructions and templates if somebody will face with any issues.


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