I lost my job due to the covid19 crisis. By that time, I had started to do a little FDM and SLA 3d printing and maked props for my Shepard and Garrus cosplay. And then I tried to make it my full-time job. Just posted everything that I can already do well on Etsy.

Almost 11 months I exist due to to your purchases on Etsy. Thank you all very much! I am trying to make more products available. Among them are Shepard’s N7 helmet (and some other helmets) casted in polyurethane.

So now I’m a little workshop who make fan-art Mass Effect props in Kyiv, Ukraine.

But because of payment method regular issues I try to made my own shop with some payments method that is not PayPal.

Check my store and have a good day!

Mykola Boitsov