Payment is made at the time of placing an order or after placing an order.
There are payment options:
Payment via LiqPay payment gateway
Direct bank transfer by bank details.
Direct transfer by Payoneer.


For shipping inside Ukraine I use Nova Poshta or UkrPoshta carriers. It’s free for ukrainian customers.

For international shipping I use only Ukrposhta with package tracking.

The price of shipping depends on weight, not on size of box.

Shipping of little packages (10-250gram) with packing costs about $9.

Medium packages (250-500gram) with packing costs about $19.

Big packages (500-1000gram) with packing costs about $25. More massive packages (as for M-29 Incisor) costs about $30.

“Express” mark can be added on shipping label for $2 and this mark give high priority for loading in to plane.

Each physical product I wrap into bubblewrap in several layers before packing the box and fill empty space with paper and bubblewrap too.

Usually delivery to USA, Canada, Europe, Great Brittain takes 9-14 days. But this december UkrPoshta has some troubles with delays. But no one packages from 200+ was not lost during my work!