Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian armor template (EVA FOAM)

Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian armor template (EVA FOAM)

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Armor templates for EVA


This is not a finished product. This is vector templates for Garrus Vakarian EVA armor from Mass Effect in my design. My armor is not an exact copy of the armor made from ME2 or ME3, somewhere in between. Keep this in mind 🙂

Please note: this is not a finished product, only templates.

The archive contains:
– Vector files for editing in popular formats (dwg ,dxf (AutoCAD 2005-2008), svg (Inkscape etc), cdr (CorelDraw v11) as well as pdf for each parts set. Leg parts, front plate parts (2 versions), back parts, arm parts, collar parts, belt parts (2 versions), EVA+ acrylic visor parts;
– Arduino sketch for addressable LED (ws2812b 5v) with changeable animation with button;
– 3D stl files of little pieces and accessories for optional 3d printing included too (fake belt locks, different belt rings, pinned bolts, fake sniper bullet, fake grenade, shoulder pad mount, vysor);
– Instructions with photos and explanations.

Does not contain any mask parts or patterns and any weapon patterns.
Templates designed for cutting from different 2-10mm EVA sheets and acrylic (or any other plastic materials). Default guides about working with EVA (cutting, gluing, sanding, priming and painting) you can find on YouTube.
The original size armor is well suited (because it is very modular) for people 160-180 cm height, 90- 120 cm in bust, 45-55 cm shoulder. With vector files available for editing, you can change the patterns for the proportions of your body.

Possible local taxes in your region are not included.

If you have questions, please contact me. I’ll update Instructions and templates if somebody will face with any issues.


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