I opened my online store!

Hello everyone. For over a year I have been selling replica weapons and accessories from Mass Effect on Etsy.
And everything was fine, people were placing orders. I printed them, sanded them, dyed them and sent them, got good reviews, paid taxes.

I am not at all opposed to paying for the commission of the site, paying taxes in the buyer’s country and paying my local taxes.

But for Ukraine, Etsy only allows PayPal to be accepted. And with this I have constant problems. Paypal don’t work in Ukraine with full features.

Even after 200+ orders and 88 five-star reviews, being “Star Seller” several month, I was considered an unreliable seller and one of the accounts was closed.

For this reason, I decided to open my own online store that accepts payments without PayPal.
You can still buy Mass Effect replica weapons and accessories from my Etsy store if that’s more convenient for you.

Thank you for supporting!